Expanded metal facade anodised or coated

Taylormade Façades

For architects and designers, aluminum curtain walls represent a prestigious expressive form to give character to a building. The expanded metal façade gallery presents a selection of Fils international projects, go to metallic façades.

Expanded metal cladding evolution

The façade is not only the protection from the outside environment (such as the weather, the sun, the gusts of wind and the cold), but becomes an element of communication that often needs to highlight the transparency between the interior and the exterior, as a character of socialization. This "openness" of the expanded metal mesh also responds to the need to dispose of light both as an architectural element and as an element of personal well-being.

Solutions to build or redevelop

One of the strengths of Fils is precisely the expanded metal sheets for facades that are made to measure for public or private destination environments. Among the projects published in the section dedicated to the expanded metal facades are: commercial, tertiary, residential, exhibition halls and fairs, private homes. Even in many public buildings such as schools, hospitals, museums and churches, aluminum facades have been adopted with expanded metal types chosen according to the transparency criteria necessary for the project. The amplitude of the range of meshes for architecture, configurable by shape, size and thickness, guarantees designers maximum design flexibility. In particular, the availability of tailor-made expanded metal mesh formats, in addition to commercial ones that are ready in stock, makes it possible to adapt to the design constraints for both new buildings and existing buildings.

The modularity of aluminum facades

The possibility to make cuts, folds, bends and numerous other processes is another great advantage linked to the use expanded metal mesh for architecture. You can use simple semi-finished sheets or panels bordered with profiles of various shapes and aesthetic effect. These elements become modules that can be easily mounted with different types of combinations: aligned, staggered, brick. Large-sized coatings are created using painted or anodised expanded metal sheets in original color scales: "ton sur ton" or in colors chosen according to strict criteria of visual communication. The expanded metal is also combined with other materials such as glass, wrought iron and natural stones, creating flat or rounded shapes each time, with effects of sudden changes and bold geometries made possible by the performance of this material.

The advantages of Fils consulting

In order to obtain efficient and harmonious coatings, Fils supports designers in choosing the most suitable expanded metal mesh and in defining the execution details. Thanks to the company Metalltech it is possible to have a complete service of designing and engineering solutions. Metalltech is specialized in the dimensioning of expanded metal panels according to the design constrains and studies the most efficient mullion and transom systems for the facade cladding substructures. Through the links you can see all the information on the PROTECH and ULTRA LIMITES lines that can be represented in real size. You can download the extract from the catalog or the individual technical sheets. The vast range of expanded metal meshes for architecture does not stop at the standard.